Early Grade Education
14th September 2021- Participated in Staff Development Seminar on; Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century organised by Komenda College at Komenda College. 26th-29th May 2021 – A 3-Day Staff Development Training for Komenda College of Education Tutors Organised by Komenda College at Methodist University College, Accra 10th-12th May2021- Subject –Based Course Manuals PD Training Workshop for Year Two Semester Two Courses (Child Growth and Development) organised by UEW at Wadodoma Royale Hotel, Kumasi. 10th -13th March 2021- Workshop on Item Writing for Early Grade organized by ITECPD/ UEW at Windy Lodge Hotel, Winneba 16th-17th February 2021- Workshop on Supported Teaching in Schools (STS) organized by STS Committee, Komenda College at Home Economic Block, Komenda 10th-11th February2021- Facilitator at Workshop on Learning Through Play Integration in Pre Service Programs by Komenda College, in Home Economic Block, Komenda College 16th-17th January 2021- Workshop for Tutors Teaching on UEW LMS organized by UEW at Home Economic Block, Komenda College. 21st April-1st May 2020- Pedagogy for Virtual Teaching organised by Digital Society School-Netherlands, at Virtual Classroom. 23rd-26th November 2020- Workshop on Learning Through Play Integration in Pre Service Programs at Colleges of Education by Right to Play at Sunset Hotel, Kumasi. 15th November 2020 - Workshop on Leadership Skills Organized by Komenda College, Complex Hall Komenda College. 14th - 17 September 2020- Subject –Based Workshop for Year Two Semester One Courses ( Nature of Early Grade Education) organized UEW at Windy Lodge Hotal, Winneba. 17th -21st June 2019 – Workshop for New Curriculum (Structure/Organization of New Curriculum), Organized by National Council for Curriculum and Assessment /MOE Organized by Municipal Education Office, GES, Saltpond.
1. Jinapor, A.& Larbi-Appiah, N. K.(2020). Parental perspective Of Early Childhood Educational Involvement: Research Evidence Of The Mfantsiman District Of The Central Region Of Ghana. Advances In Social Sciences Research Journal, 7(6),310-326. 2. Larbi-Appiah, N. K., Baatmna, J., Antwiwaa, B. & Mohammed, A. Y. S.(2020). The effect of story-telling on the language skills of pupils at the early childhood stage of the Central Region of Ghana. Journal of education and Practice. DOI: 10.7176/JEP/11-24-15

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