Charlotte Adomah Diabor
Physical Education
1. Writing of the National Professional Learning Community (PLC) guidelines. Date: 2-9/01/2022 Venue: Monarch Hotel Organisers: NTC/RIGHT To Play (RTP), GES 2. ECE National Trainer of Trainers workshop on KG INSET manual Date: 4-10/12/2021 Venue: Monarch Hotel Organisers: SabreCharitable Trust , RTP, GES. 3. Annual National level Forum on Learning Through Play (LtP) Date: 9/12/2021 Venue: Alisa Hotel Organisers: Right To Play(RTP) 4. ECE National Training of Trainers Workshop on New KG INSET manual. Date: 29/11/-4/12/2021 Venue: Alknac Hotel Organisers: Sabre Charitable Trust, Right To Play(RTP)and GES 5. Right To Play with COE Last quarter Review meeting Date: 14-15/11/2021 Venue Anita Hotel Organisers: Right To Play 6. PDC/HOD Subject Based Workshop Date: 7-9/11/2021 Venue: Winndy Lodge Organisers: ITECPD-UEW 7. STS Workshop Date: 26-27/10/2021 Venue: Home Economics block Organisers: Komenda college of education 8. Learning Through Play/Supporting Teaching in School Workshop Date: 29/08/-1/09/2021 Venue: Odjidja Royal Hotel Organisers: RTP/NTC 9. Subject Based Workshop Date: 6/09/2021 Venue: Wadoma Hotel Organisers: ITECPD-UEW 10. CEMIS Training Date: 23/08/2021 Venue: OLA COE. Organisers: T-TEL 11. RTP Stakeholders Quarterly Review meeting Date: 12/07/2021 Venue:Sonant Court Hotel Organisers: Right To Play 12. UEW/ COE Subject Leads Date: 7/06/2021. Venue: Gloriaka Hotel Organisers: ITECPD-UEW 13. Staff Development Workshop for KMCE Staff Date: 26-29/05/2021 Venue: Methodist University College Organisers: Komenda college of education. 14. Subject Based Course Manual Training. (Early Grade) Date: 10-12/05/2021 Venue: Wadoma hotel OrganIsers: ITECPD-UEW 15. Coaching and Mentoring Date: 1-5|03|2021 Venue: Odjidja Royal Hotel Organisers: RTP/NTC/GES
1. Generalist Teachers' Knowledge level on causes and Effects of Injuries in Sports. 2. Assessing the Locomotor and Object control skill level of Basic Pupils in Ghana: The Role of Physical Education. 3. Module; Curriculum Development Concept and Transition to Specialism ( Unit 1-3).

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Sports, Music, Production of liquid soap and other detergents