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Bag Section
The bag section is located at the entrance of the library. All library users must keep their bags and other personal belongings at this section before using the library.
Circulation Desk
The circulation desk is located near the main entrance inside the library. The circulation desk is the place at any Library where users can check out and return books, pay fines, make enquiries, and more.
Reference Section
The Reference section of the library houses the library’s reference books, which are materials that are meant to aid research by providing quick and accessible information on any particular topic. The Reference section contains information resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, atlases among others. Materials in this section cannot be borrowed.
Reading Area
The reading area or reading space in the library is an area within the main library where users sit independently to read or learn.
Photocopy Section
The photocopy section is located within the main Library close to the reading area. The library provides photocopying service to enable students make copies of Library materials such as past questions and personal documents at a reduced cost.
The eLibrary is located in the main library close to the Librarian’s office. An e-library or digital library is a physical site or website that provide around the clock online access to digitized materials. An e-library is electronic information of the library’s resources such as e-books and e-journals.

Photocopying  Printing  Scanning  Binding  Past Questions  Article Request

Article request is a service offered by the Komenco library that provides digital copies of journal articles or a book chapter from printed source. Please note that not all requests may be processed due to copyright or other restrictions.

Ask a Librarian
Ask a Librarian is a two-way virtual reference service, offered in English, that provides real-time library and research assistance through chat to students, tutors, and researchers.

Library Instruction
Library instruction, also known as bibliographic instruction, user education, and library orientation, consists of instructional programs aimed to teach library users how to swiftly and effectively access the information they need.