Family Background-Genealogy

The Rev Kwesi Nkum Wilson (PhD), was born in Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana on 14th June 1970. His parents are the late Very Rev Joseph Wilson ‘B’ and Mrs. Ivy Wilson (néé Baiden). The Very Rev. Kwesi Nkum Wilson (PhD), has a very rich background in Methodism and for that matter Christianity and education in Ghana.  Maternally he is a direct great grandson of Mr. Thomas B. Crentsil (Okra Kwaa), a former regent of Saltpond and a renowned merchant of the Gold Coast, he was also the first Circuit Steward of the then Saltpond and Anomabo Circuit of the Gold Coast District of the Methodist Church. Mr. Crentsil, is known to have bought a silver trowel for the foundation stone laying of the magnificent twin tower edifice of the Wesley Chapel at Saltpond on 26th December 1910. His maternal grandfather is the fearless Venerable Jacob Eduam Baiden (1881-1977), the first editor of the Ashanti Pioneer in 1941, the second African District Grandmaster of the Gold Coast Odd Fellows. Mr. Jacob Eduam Baiden and Mr J. B Danquah worked together to raise funds for the establishment of the University of Ghana.

Paternally, Rev Wilson is a direct descendant of Rev Akwaise of Nanaanom-pow fame, one of the early indigenes to be ordained as ministers of the Gold Coast Methodism. Rev Akwaise’s nephew the Very Rev James Reynolds (1859-1938) was also ordained as a Minister of the Wesleyan Mission and he served Apam and Winneba Circuits among other stations.  Rev Reynolds nephew was the Very Rev Joseph Wilson ‘A’, (1888-1980), Rev Wilson ‘A’, is reputed to have built lots of schools wherever he served as a minister. Rev Wilson ‘A’, begat Rev Joseph Wilson ‘B’ (1925-2006)

Childhood and Education

His father being an itinerant minister of the Methodist Church Ghana, meant that he had to change school anytime his father was transferred, he attended the Methodist Primary Schools in Cape Coast, University Primary School, Cape Coast, Akotobinsin Methodist Primary School, Elmina, Bethany Methodist Middle School, Essikadu, Diabene Junior High School, Diabene-krom Sekondi. This continued until 1985 when he was admitted at the Mfantsipim School form two, thus completing his G. C. E Ordinary Level Examination in 1989.

On 16th January 1984, young Kwesi had a terrible accident, at 8;30pm whiles playing under moon light he fell from the top of the Methodist Manse, Essikado and landed on his back, he was confined to bed for one month and recovered quickly.

Having successfully passed his O’ Level, Rev Wilson entered Fijai Secondary School, Sekondi in 1989 to pursue Advanced Level examination completing in 1991. At Fijai, Rev Wilson was appointed Library Prefect, elected S.U. President, President of the School Choir. He was also the lead debater for the School and an active member of the drama club. This is what the then headmaster of Fijai Mr S. K. Folson said about Rev Wilson in 1991 “Wilson is a well-behaved student and there is every indication that he can go places when given the opportunity to do so. I do recommend him to any organisation where his services may be needed. He will be a great asset to that organisation

After his A’ Level National Service at Assin Juaso in the Central Region of Ghana, Kwesi gained admission at the University of Cape Coast in 1992 to read Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Psychology and a Diploma in History concurrently, completing in 1997.

After working for some time Osofo Paa Kwesi, pursued a Master of Philosophy degree in Counselling from the University of Cape Coast (2004). With the strong desire to serve the Lord, Rev. K. N. Wilson was admitted at the Trinity Theological Seminary in 2004 to pursue a Bachelor of Divinity degree and was Commissioned into the itinerant ministry at the Wesley Cathedral Sekondi in 2007. Rev. Wilson capped his academic pursuit with a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Education in 2015. Rev Wilson has attended several workshops locally and internationally.

Working life

Rev. Wilson started his working life in 1992 during his ‘A’ Level National Service at Assin Juaso in the Assin District. After his first degree, he taught at Mfantseman Girl’s Secondary School, Saltpond in 1997 whiles awaiting his National Service posting. Rev. Wilson taught at the SOS Herman Gmeiner School, Asiakwa (E/R) as a Special Needs Educator, School Guidance Officer and Social Studies Teacher (1997-2001). He had to resign from SOS in 2001 for further studies, and this is what Mrs Juliet Kono, the then Head of SOS Asiakwa wrote, “Mr Wilson is a self-motivated and self-regulated teacher who executes his duties on time, with noticeable mental agility and with marked originality

Whiles completing his M. Phil thesis he was employed as the Principal Administrative Assistant at the Counselling Centre of the University of Cape Coast (2003-4) having successfully completed his ministerial formation and commissioned into the ministry in 2007, he was posted to the Komenda College of Education as a Tutor and a Chaplain.

It is instructive to note that in 2004 Kwesi turned down an offer of lectureship at the University of Cape Coast and finally resigned his position of Principal Administrative Assistant to respond God’s call into the ministry. In 2008 he had two offers from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), as the Head of the Counselling Centre and the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) as a Lecturer. Upon sober reflections, prayers and consultations, Kwesi accepted the offer from UEW.

Between August 2008-April 2019, Rev Wilson taught at the University of Education, Winneba and also served as a Counsellor in the Counselling Centre of the University. He was appointed at the University Chaplain for the period 2011-16, and 2017-18. In January 2013, he was promoted Senior Lecturer at the Department of Psychology and Education and in 2016/17 Academic Year appointed as the Head of Department of Psychology and Education in the Faculty of Educational Studies.

Very Rev. Wilson has in-depth experience with Ghana’s educational system. He serves as an advisor to the Guidance and Counselling Unit of the Ghana Education Service (GES), and is a member of the Technical Working Group (TWG) on the Safe School Project being undertaken by GES. He has run series of workshops for educational institutions in Ghana. In August 2019, he was the Speaker for a Public Lecture organised by the Ghana Psychological Association (GPA), at the British Council Hall, Accra. The title of paper presented was “Attaining Quality Education: Untying the Knotty Issues

The Very Rev Wilson is a member of the Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA), International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD). He was the chairperson of the ISSBD 2017 African Workshop hosted by Ghana in 2017 at the University of Education, Winneba. He is also a Gazetted Member of Ghana Psychological Council, a member of Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) and finally the University Teacher’s Association of Ghana (UTAG). He is a co-recipient of the Forum of African Women Educators (F.A.W.E.) 2012 Gender in Africa Research Grant.

He has co-authored a book on Counselling Skills and written on Preparing for retirement

Married life

Very Rev Wilson is a conservative family man. He got married to Efua Koma Wilson (néé Addo) in May 2001, at Wesley Cathedral Cape Coast. Mrs Wilson is a teacher at the Methodist School Winneba. The marriage is blessed with Kweku Mbora Adiepena (Ghana National School, Cape Coast), Ewurabena Obemba (Mfantseman Girls, Saltpond), and Ekua Yeborba (St Paul Methodist, Winneba).

Call into the Ministry

The call into the ministry was a difficult one. After a long personal and spiritual struggle, Rev Wilson turned down lectureship appointment from the University of Cape Coast to full time Ministry. From childhood experiences in the Manse, especially Sunday School services from Cape Coast Siwdu, through Elmina to Essikadu, Rev Wilson has had personal experiences with his maker. At Fijai, he was the President of the Scripture Union. At the University of Cape Coast, Kwesi’s work with Ghana Methodist Students’ Union (GHAMSU) was very noticeable; for three years, he was the organising secretary. When pursuing his graduate studies, he was also appointed as the welfare officer for UCC Ghamsu. In 1996 Rev Wilson wrote and passed the Local Preacher’s Examination. Kwesi worked closely with the late Prof. Kwesi Akwansa Andam (the former VC of KNUST) to organise the Teens and Twenties Camp between 1994-1998. With this experience, he and other young people re-organised the Methodist Youth Fellowship at Saltpond in 1995.

When posted to Asiakwa in 1997, Kwesi’s involvement in the Church’s work was phenomenal. He was a full Local Preacher, a Leader, Sunday School Superintendent, MYF Executive Member, Harvest Committee Chairman, ‘professional chairman’ of every day-born harvest and organisational anniversaries.

In 1998 when the Osiem Section was carved from the Kukuruntumi Circuit, young Kwesi was elected the Circuit Choir President, Secretary of MYF among other responsibilities. Having been active in the Lord’s vineyard, it did not surprise many when in 2004 he resigned his position at the University of Cape Coast and enrolled at the Trinity Theological Seminary to be formed into the ordained ministry within the Methodist Church Ghana.

Ministerial Itinerary

Having been commissioned on Sunday 24th June 2007, at the Wesley Cathedral, Sekondi, Rev Wilson was stationed at the Komenda College of Education as a Tutor and a Chaplain, with oversight responsibility over societies at Abrobiano and Kafodzidzi within the Komenda Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana.

In August 2008, Kwesi was employed by the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) as a lecturer, he was therefore stationed at Gomoa Idankrom/Jukwa in the Gomoa Manso Circuit of the Methodist Church Ghana, with oversight responsibility over Gomoa Idankrom, Gomoa Mangoase and Gomoa Awomberew. He was transferred to Winneba Circuit in July 2011and was given responsibility of the William Degraft Memorial Society, Wonsom and the then Colecraft’s House Nursery Society (now Charles Awotwi Pratt Society). In 2012, he was appointed the Chaplain of Ghamsu UEW as well as the University Chaplain. He combined all these responsibilities till he left UEW in May 2019. Earlier he had assisted Awotwi Pratt Society to plant a Society at Osobonpanyin.

In 2014, Rev Wilson was also appointed the patron of the Winneba Circuit Guild. Rev Wilson has since 2011 has been teaching Pastoral Care and Counselling for ministerial students on the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programme, organised by the Methodist Church Ghana and the Trinity Theological Seminary.


Very Rev Kwesi Nkum Wilson, has had extensive leadership experience right from childhood, during Sunday School times, through his schooling especially at Fijai where he was the Library Prefect, S. U. President, lead debater, up to the University of Cape Coast where he became the organiser of Ghamsu, President of UCC MOBA. In 2002, Rev Wilson was elected President of Graduate Students’ Association (GRASAG-UCC Branch). He was also the national Vice-President of GRASAG, a Member of the University of Cape Coast Governing Council (June 2002- June 2003).  Chairman, Judicial Committee of the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (June 03-June 04). Co-opted Member, Committee on Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and Development into the Curricular of the University of Cape Coast (2003) and Member, University of Cape Coast 40th Anniversary Planning Committee (2002)

At Osiem Circuit, Kwesi was the Circuit Choir President, MYF Vice President, Leader at Asiakwa and Harvest Committee Chairman among others. At the Trinity Seminary, Osofo Paa Kwesi was elected Assistant Secretary, Fellowship of Methodist Seminarians (May 2005- May 2006), Secretary, Galevo Hall (May 2005- May 2006), Secretary, Students’ Representative Council (May 2006-May 2007).

At Winneba, he was elected the Secretary, Fellowship of the Kingdom (Methodist Ministers), Winneba Diocese, 2013-2016. He was appointed the Assistant Journal Secretary (2011), by the Diocese as well as Letter Writer. Since 2016 Kwesi has been a member of the Methodist church Ghana Conference.

The Very Rev. Kwesi Nkum Wilson was among a group of 15 young men and women selected by the British Council to undergo Interactive leadership training activities in Mauritius in 2006 and it is instructive to note that all of them are now occupying responsible leadership positions in Ghana. He is a Certified Life Coach with International exposure. Kwesi is an alumnus of International Leadership Foundation (ILF)

In the Academia, Rev Wilson is a member of the following; National Executive Committee, Member, Ghana Counsellors Association, 2016, International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD), Senior Researcher: Education Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA) and Counsellors Association of Ghana (CAGH). Ghana Psychology Council-Gazetted Member (GPC: GPSY 00046-70-14/P), Ghana Psychology Association (GPA/PF0040), African Early Childhood Network (AfECN) And Ghana Association of Writers (GAW).

He is an external Assessor/Examiner for a number of Universities and Technical Universities, as well as Accreditation Member for the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and Ghana Psychology Council. He was the Chairman for the Local Organizing Committee, 12THISSBD African Regional Workshop, November 2017 held at UEW. He chaired the University Chaplaincy Board for six years and a Member, Local Organising Committee (LOC), the 3rd International Multi-Disciplinary Conference (IMCfPS), organised by the GRASAG-UEW. Member: Ghana Education Service’s Technical Working Group (TWG), developing a Resource Package for the promotion of Safe Environment for teaching and learning in School. Member: Interim Executive Committee, Counsellors Association of Ghana (CAGH) 2016-date. Member: University Timetable Committee (Chaired on Various times). He has supervised over 150 undergraduate long essays, over 94 PGDE/M.Ed./M.Phil. and four PhD theses. He has published over 25 articles in Local and International Journals.

Rev Wilson recently participated in Conference on Educational Leadership: A Dutch-Ghanaian perspective. Organised by The Hague University of Applied Sciences and the Universities of Ghana Overseas Office (UGOO), 16-19th September, 2019, The Hague Netherlands as well as the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) research methodology skills training workshop held at the University of Zimbabwe (Harare) from 19-22nd August 2019.

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Participant:  Workshop for Management of Colleges of Education on Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI), organised by the Institute for Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development (ITECPD), of University of Education (UEW). Senator Hotel, Kumasi, 18-19th March, 2022

Participant:  Workshop on Legal Framework Regulating Management of Public Funds, organised by the Centre for Practical and Multidisciplinary Legal Education and Training (CPMLET) UPS, Legon, 26-7th October, 2021

Participant:  2021 Annual Internal Audit Conference, Theme: Sustaining Internal Controls Risk Management and Business Continuity in the Public Sector: The Role of Stakeholders. Organised by Internal Audit Agency, @ the Accra International Conference Centre 10-12th August 2021

Discussant: Early Childhood Network Ghana (ECNG) National Early Childhood Conference on the
Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development Theme: Getting the Child Ready for Life through Responsive Caregiving: A Responsibility for All. Topic: Male involvement in Early Childhood Development in Ghana, 21-22 July, 2021 (Online)

Participant: 2-day Validation Workshop to review policy document Continuous Professional Development Framework for Teachers, The Induction Handbook for Newly Qualified Teachers, Code of Ethics and Professional Practice and Teacher Handbook, organised by the National Teaching Council. 29th June-1st July 2021@ AKNAC Lodge Hotel, Adjiringanor, Accra

Participant: 3-Day Staff Development Training for Komenda College of Education Tutors and Management of Komenda College, organised by the Methodist University College, 26th -29th May 2021 @ Methodist University College, Accra 

Participant: University Leadership and Management Development Workshop (LEDEV/MADEV Series), Theme: Leading and Managing 21st Century University. Organised by the Association of African Universities. 22nd-26th March 2021 (online)

Resource Person/Facilitator: 3-day Advocacy and Policy Dialogue with Methodist Church Leaders on Teenage Pregnancy and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. Theme: Curbing the Menace of Sexual and Sexual Gender-Based Violence in Ghana: The Role of Faith-Based Organizations. Organised by the Methodist Church, Accra Diocese/UNFPA, 24-28TH January 2021 @Citi Escape Resort Prampam, Ghana