Department: Mathematics and ICT Education

Head of Department: Osei Kojo Agyeman


Contact Phone Number(s): +233(0)541151024/+233(0)554162752

About the Department

The HoD is Mr. Osei Kojo Agyeman from the ICT section of the department.

The current numerical strength of tutors in the department is 9; 6 for Mathematics and 3 for ICT. Eight (8) males and one (1) female constitute 9 tutors.

The department has worked assiduously in helping the college run the following programmes; 2 – Year Cert “B” | 4 – Year “A” | 2 – Year “A” | 3 – Year Specialist | 2 – Year Modular Course |

1 3 – Year Cert “A” (Post Sec) | 4 – Year (Untrained Diploma in Basic Education) | 3 – Year Diploma in Basic Education | 2 – Year Sandwich Diploma.

Currently, the department offers two major programmes; mathematics and ICT (Mathematics/Science, Mathematics/ICT, ICT/Mathematics).

The department is responsible for the training of Basic School Teachers to acquire competencies in teaching of Mathematics and ICT in Ghanaian Basic Schools.


To be a core Centre for training and retraining of Mathematics and ICT teachers using modern processes, techniques and resources.


To train high level manpower, assume instructional responsibilities in Mathematics and ICT and in the use of Information and Communication Technology for Teaching and Learning.

Philosophy of Programme:

Considering the crucial role of Mathematics and ICT, Mathematics and ICT in the development and advancement of our nation socially and economically, a necessity to train high level manpower in Mathematics and ICT Education cannot be over emphasized. The overall philosophy of the programme is that of developing professional educators and researchers in Mathematics and ICT. The Bachelor of Education programme in Mathematics and ICT is specially designed to enhance the quality of Mathematics and ICT teachers to actualize this philosophy.

Objective of Programme:

Generally, the programme is designed to prepare first degree holders in Mathematics and ICT teaching at different levels of Ghana Basic Education. Specifically, the programme aims at:

i. Producing Mathematics and ICT educators who are skillful, knowledgeable and committed to curriculum implementation in Mathematics and ICT as well as national development,

ii. Providing intellectual capacity in Mathematics and ICT to teachers for further development in their area,

iii. Enhancing in Mathematics and ICT teachers with the concept of Mathematics and ICT literacy and citizenry

iv. Developing a practical orientation in Mathematics and ICT teachers for better teaching in Mathematics and ICT delivery

v. Developing professional expertise of students in Mathematics and ICT

Our Core Values:

Our Student focus on;

a. Integrity

b. Total Quality Management in Mathematics and ICT Education

c. Team Work

d. Excellence

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