Komenda College of Education was established on the premises of the barracks left by the Fleet of the British Navy after the Second World War.

The barracks was set on the Assai hills, a place of the town where criminals and outcasts were sent to. Through the efforts of Mr. A.B Sam, the then regent of Komenda, the Lagacy was leased to the Methodist Church of Ghana in 1947 to be used as a Methodist Teacher Training College. The Government of Ghana later renovated the building to make the old barracks suitable for academic works.

On the 11th March,1948, the first batch of students of forty men were enrolled to start an initial 2-Year Teachers’ Certificate “B” Programme.

In 1952, the College become a Co-Educational institution with is first batch of thirty women. it was established as Komenda Training College but has presently become Komenda College of Education per Government’s Policy to upgrade Teacher Training Colleges into Colleges of Education.

The First Principal of the College was Mr., Lawrence Alfred Creedy, a Bristish national. The motto of the College is Beposow Kurow Hyeren meaning “A city set on a hill, shine forth” M.H.B 577 is the College Hymn.

The three core values adopted by the founding fathers were:

Academic excellence| Service to God | Service to Mankind

The College has offered the following academic programme; 2-Year Cert “B”| 4-Year Cert “A”|2-Year Cert “A”|3-Year Specialist.

4-Year (Untrained Diploma in Basic Education) | 3-Year Diploma in Basic Education|2-Year Sandwich, Currently the College offers 4-Year Bachelor of Education programme in Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and JHS -Agriculture Science, Mathematics/ICT, Home Economics, Technical and Visual Arts.

The College is noted for its discipline, academic excellence and holistic training. Graduates of the College “Shine” everywhere they go. In the light of this, we aim at always improving the quality of teaching and learning so as to keep high standards.