Komenda-Wiawso Colleges of Education has held a 3-day international Educational Research Conference.

The maiden joint research conference held at Komenda college, on October 26, 27, and 28, 2022, marked a successful milestone as part of efforts to enhance the teaching profession by advancing knowledge through the development of scientific theories, concepts, and ideas as well as honing the problem-solving skills of teachers in the 21st Century.

The program with the theme “Delivering Quality Teacher Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects”, focused on the development and fulfillment of the 21st Century Skills of the UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDG4). These skills include; learning skills, Literacy skills, and life skills.

Consequently, the conference served as a platform for presenting innovative research findings and ignited debates across various disciplines in academia.

The conference featured a wide range of topical-related themes including;

  1. Quality Teacher Education in the past, present, and future
  2. Curriculum and instructional issues in Teacher Education
  3. ICT Education/Technical Education and Quality Teacher Education.
  4. Innovative Approaches in Teaching or Creative pedagogies in Teacher Education
  5. Policy issues and Quality Teacher Education
  6. Supervision of instruction and Quality Teacher Education
  7. A TVET and Quality Teacher Education
  8. Psychosocial support services for Quality Teacher Education
  9. Quality Teacher Education and Science Education
  10. Indigenous and Modern Languages and Quality Teacher Education
  11. Social Science and Quality Teacher Education
  12. Early Grade Education and Quality Teacher Education
  13. Primary Education and Quality Teacher Education
  14. Mathematics Education and Quality Teacher Education
  15. Administration and management issues and Quality Teacher Education
  16. Gender and Social Inclusion issues and Quality Teacher Education
  17. Music and Dance Education and Quality Teacher Education
  18. Religious and Moral issues and Quality Teacher Education
  19. Sports/Physical Education and Quality Teacher Education
  20. STEM and Quality Teacher Education

Local Organising Committee

  1. Rev. Kwesi Nkum Wilson(Ph.D)
  2. Dr. Emmanuel Carsamer
  3. Rev.Prof. Asare-Danso(Consultant UCC)
  4. Mr. Kweku Esia-Donkoh(Consultant UEW)
  5. Mr. Theophilus Kweku Bassaw
  6. Ms. Victoria Aba Mensah
  7. Ms. Abigail Lartey
  8. Ms. Susanna Ayensu Blankson
  9. Mr. James Kobina Tawiah
  10. Mr. Emmanuel Djan
  11. Ms. Rejoice Dzamefe
  12. Ms. Sethina Boafo

Opening Ceremony

On the First Day of the Conference, the programme was moderated by Ms. Victoria Aba Mensah and chaired by Professor Samuel Kwesi Asiedu-Addo, Dean of Graduate Studies, UEW. He Represented Professor Mawutor Avoke, Vice-chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba.

Mr. Jerry Sarfo, Coordinator for Colleges of Education at GTEC gave excellent contributory remarks regarding the conference, which proceeded with a keynote address delivered by Professor Douglas Darko Agyei, Dean, Faulty of Science and Technology, UCC.

Keynote Address

Focusing his address on the theme for the event, Prof. Douglas Darko Agyei outlined some calls into question regarding the teaching profession and in turn emphasized many prospects unrestricted.

According to the keynote speaker, no educational system can rise above the quality of teachers. Thus, Every quality educational system hinges on quality teachers, hence the necessity for quality teacher education.

Adding that, quality teachers do not concentrate only on learners passing evaluations, rather they focus on readying learners with the 21st Skills for the global economy.

” The 21st Century demands learners who are inclined to the work environment and learners who would be innovative, and that is what a quality teacher does”, Prof. Darko Agyie asserted.

Stating instances, he elucidated learners should be trained to meet the demand of the global economy.

Professor Douglas Darko Agyei concluded by calling on educators to use a wide range of strategies that aid differentiated learning, and inclusivity( Inclusion Education). Adding that, Teachers should act as mentors to their learners and integrate technology into their lessons.

In his concluding remarks, the chairman, Professor Samuel Kwesi Asiedu-Addo, emphasized the need for a collaborative effort in the colleges of Education to organize conferences of this essence to help tutors at the various colleges.

He also encouraged the participants to open up to the tuition and findings that would be unfolded to them.

To crown it all, he expressed appreciation to the keynote speaker, chairman, Principals from the various Colleges, moderators, presenters, participants, and the organizing committee for their enormous contributions to the success of the conference.

On each day of the conference, there were presentations from people in academia and specialists with diverse backgrounds.

The diverse presentations centered on the conference theme as well as the sub-themes.

Participants were awarded Certificates and also had the privileged to engage with presenters and professionals from colleges of Education and Universities.

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