On this special day for workers, l celebrate you all for being part of KOMENCO’s success story. The road to success has never been smooth but with  you in the  success vehicle, we are have always been the first or among the first. Let me boldly congratulate you,  assuring that Komenco has soon become a consultant in Colleges of Education in Ghana all due to your efforts. My hardworking Staff, note that we are getting there but not there yet hence we need to keep doing the things that set us high among many in the quest to providing quality tertiary education in Ghana. I urge you to also take a critical look at your professional development and grow to meeting standards. Let us be our brother’s keeper and grow together. Let us live on Assai as a formidable family very difficult to penetrate for we shall be victorious with the College. Let us work in accordance with demands and standards from our employers. Let us be approaching in nature and seek right answers to bordering questions, feelings and thoughts. The Komenda College Community is eternally grateful to you for your support. I wish you the best of celebration with care. Ayekooo.

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