Most Leaders in government, business, education, religion and media agree that improved leadership is an essential part of economic, political and social development.

On this note, The Students’ Representative Council(SRC) Headed by His Excellency Magnus Edward Awortwe in collaboration With the International Leadership Foundation held A Three (3) Day Transforming Leadership and Governance Seminar for all The Student Leaders of the College.

The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) is a foundation which holds the view that institutions, organizations and nations around the world can be positively transformed by discovering, developing and empowering leaders of integrity.

Since 2002, Leaders involved with ILF have worked to strike a balance between theoretical and practical models of leadership. This has resulted in a leadership movement that is helping leaders develop new paradigms and resources based on their particular context.

The works of International Leadership Foundation encourages societal transformation through a leadership development approach that is holistic in nature. This model integrates a leader’s personal, relational and professional life.

In his Welcome, The Principal of Komenda College of Education, Very Reverend Dr. Kwesi Nkum Wilson stated that, the major purpose for the seminar is to help Student Leaders of the College to develop the requisite Leadership Skills needed in Managing their Peers. He also added that, the programme is geared towards Building student Leaders of integrity, Student Leaders with understanding of the Transforming Leadership Paradigm and Leaders who exercise effective Leadership and bring about positive Change to their spheres of responsibility and involvement.

Facilitators and Resource Persons who took the participants through the Three Days were; Mr. Jonas Selby, Mrs. Selby and Mr. Emmanuel Segbor. Other Staff in attendance were The Deans of Students’ Affairs Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah and Mr. Uriel Amoah, The Quality Assurance Officer, Mr. Prince Mark Kwamena Eghan and Mr. Christian Darabor

Student Leaders were educated and elaborated on the Morals and Visions of Leadership, The calling of A Leader, Character Formation and Integrity in Leadership, Time Management as a Leader, Campus Transformation Group Projects, Community Building In Leadership and Learning to Lead oneself.

Participants discovered Leadership isn’t about being called a Leader(title) but by denying oneself to help a Team attain its desired goals which will cause an effective change, transformational Leadership.

Speaking with Assai Hill News , The SRC President(O.P)for the College, His Excellency Magnus Edward Awortwe said this won’t be the last, it will be a yearly activity which will be organize by SRC for Student Leaders of the College.

The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Madam Sophia Efua Cobbinah during her closing remarks thanked the facilitators for their selfless effort in imbibing in the Students Leaders of the College knowledge and practical skills to help Manage themselves and their Peers. He also thanked the SRC for organizing such a fruitful seminar.

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