The Mathematics and I.C.T Department of Komenda college of Education on 25th February, 2022 Organized a mathematics seminar for its level 100 students. The seminar was to address student teachers’ attitude towards the learning of mathematics and the implication for the teaching and learning of mathematics in the 21st century.

In his welcome, Mr. Kwadwo Osei who is the Head for the Mathematics and I.C.T department stated the purpose for the occasion. He encouraged the students to approach mathematics with confidence and not fear because, mathematics is not as difficult as students think of it to be. He made the students especially the females believe that, women are a better mathematician by given scenarios about how women do their calculations in the kitchen when cooking for the family. He entreated that, ladies should not be afraid in studying mathematics and pursuing Mathematics related careers.

Many dignitaries present at the programme were, the Assistant Supervisor for the Mathematics Department, Mrs. Leticia Nana Sam, The Dean of Academics Affairs, Mr. Daniel Inkoom, Mr. Daniel Gbormittah, who is a Mathematics Lecturer and Mr. Daniel Korsah from the I.C.T Department who moderated the programme.

During his presentation, Mr. Daniel Gbormittah emphasized students’ attitude, passion and enthusiasm towards the learning of mathematics. According to him, positive and negative attitudes towards studying mathematics plays an influential role in acquiring the knowledge. He said, “students must value the concept of mathematics. They shouldn’t say to themselves, “what is the essence of this formula in mathematics in my life? “, or “why am I even learning these mathematics concepts? “, such questions create the impression that mathematics is difficult and students lose interest in studying it. In addition, he admonished the Students to appreciate the transition from the secondary cycle school to the tertiary, and adapt to change and be curious about learning mathematics.

Mrs. Leticia Nana Sam also gave a short presentation on the rules, regulations, and some common mistakes students make during mathematics examination. She spoke about students answering questions more than they are asked to, which is a bad practice. She added that, Students are required to read and obey the instructions of any examination. “This could give you 50% pass to your examination, because reading the instructions will help you avoid some mistakes.” She advised students to do their rough work in their answer booklet and to cancel out the rough work once when done.

She conclude by saying that; “every students has their strength and weakness towards each question on the examination paper, hence they should answer the question that are easier to them first before any other question.

A recorded video of a former old student of komenda College of Education, Mr. Michael Boadi (SRC President- 1997) who is currently working in the United kingdom was played for students. In the video, he said, “mathematics is a universal language. The mathematics in Asia is the same mathematics in Africa, likewise the Mathematics in America being the same as the mathematics in Europe. Learning mathematics gives you the opportunity to work in so many areas in life. It helps you gain problem solving skills, logical reasoning skills and Managing finance skills. “The programme was very impactful and a success for every one present. Knowing how mathematics helps in our daily lives, and how much one can achieve from studying mathematics not just for examination but also for the future gives one the enthusiasm to learn and study mathematics without fear. The students got to know the best student teacher is someone who has a positive attitude towards learning and is also a life long learner. Also, students learnt that, when you have a good learning style, it promote a better understanding.

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