School-Based Elections is a formal and organized choice or decision making by voting some competent persons among the students to hold up various prefectorial positions in the school. 

Just like how the routine goes during moments like this; The Students apply for their positions of interest, Go for vetting for them to be examined carefully and critically for the positions they are aspiring for. 

During vetting, some of the students are disqualified, and those who go through the vetting process successfully are announced and given the opportunity to campaign for their various positions. The aspiring candidates are therefore urged to go about their campaigning in a peaceful manner.


On 19th July, 2021, which was the last day of the campaigning by the aspirant, they were given the opportunity to read their manifestos. 

The program started with an opening prayer from the SRC. Public Relations Officer(P.R.O)-Mr. Thomas Follo,who prayed for an accident free program. The SRC President, Mr. Theophilus Mensah was the Chairman for the Event. Mr. Joseph Swanzey who is a member of the school’s Electoral Committee, was the host for the program. He introduced the dignitaries present and gave the rules and directions on how the reading of the manifesto should be done.

He said, “Because the program did  delayed, the time for each aspiring candidates to deliver their manifesto will be limited. The aspiring SRC Presidents will be given 5mins to read their manifestos and the students are allowed to ask only two(2) questions only. The other SRC Core Executives will be given 4mins for their manifesto and the students will ask them one question each. The rest of the Aspirants for the other positions will be given 2minutes each for their manifesto and a question for them to answer”.

The voting will be done using the computer (electronic voting style). Mr. Daniel Korsah- The GOD for I C.T Department gave a brief orientation on how the voting process will be. He said, “during voting, Covid-19 protocols will be observed and students will have to come along with their student identification cards or any of their national ID cards to cast their votes”.

The Reading of Manifesto started with the various Hall Representatives. 

Aspiring Candidates for these Halls are;

Illustrious Hall

(Women) – Ms. Cecilia Nkrumah and Ms. Emelia Ansah

(Men) – Mr. John Amoah and Mr. Prince Nkansah

Indomitable Hall

(Women) – Ms. Mavis Eshun and Ms. Dorcas Arthur

(Men) – Mr. Joshua Mensah and Mr. Kelvin Bosompem

Formidable Hall

(Women) – Ms. Francisca Baidoo and Ms. Mary Donkor

(Men) – Mr. Richard Enim and Mr. Wakilu Zulkanian

Victorious Hall

(Women) – Ms. Doris Betty Amissah  and Ms. Georgina Opoku

(Men) – Mr. Rapael Arthur, Mr. Bismark Obeng, Mr. Enoch Adjei and Mr. Godson Appiah Jnr

 SRC Women’s Commissioner

Ms. Ernestina Arkoful said in her manifesto that, “She will be the voice of students and she will be there to care for female students when they have a problem. 

Ms. Gifty Asabea Yeboah the other aspirant said, “She will motivate the female students to take up leadership roles and support the General compound overseer in keeping the campus neat”.

*SRC Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)*

Mr. Isaac Ainooson the aspiring candidate said, “He is going to be the mouthpiece for the students”. 

Mr. Moses Coleman who has been the acting academic prefect  said, “When information is delayed, action is delayed. When you have information, you have power, because information is more powerful and expensive than cocaine. Don’t trust words, trust actions’. And He is going to be the voice of the voiceless”.

*Entertainment Prefect* (Women)

Ms. Gladys Acquah, Ms. Mabel Arthur Quintin and Ms. Zenatu Yussif. All promising to help entertain the school in diverse ways with some interesting actives.

*Entertainment Prefect* (Men)

Mr. Magnus Der Jnr was the only person vying for this position. 

*Dinning Hall Prefect* (Women & Men)

One of the most intense position with a lot of students vying for.

Ms. Francisca Tetteh, Mr. Samuel Bedu Ohene, Mr. Daniel Bentum, Ms. Leticia Ejua Gyan, Mr. Francis Oduro, Mr. Justice Addai and Ms. Georgia Ankomah were the aspirants for this position and they all promised to be of good service to the students.

*SRC Teasure*

Mr. Prince Gyamfi, Mr. Emmanuel Kweku Amissah and Mr. Micheal who are the aspiring candidates, promised to service and show great accountability.

*SRC Secretary* 

Mr. Alhassan Kamara, Mr. Fitson Ebo Nyame and Ms. Vida Eshun are the Aspirants for this position. They all pledged to be of good assistance for the S.R.C..

*SRC Financial Secretary*

Mr. Timothy Nii Kyei Tagoe and Mr. Thomas Tomenyi are those Aspiring for the position. They both said, “they will be of good service and provide good financial budget and report for the S.R.C”.

*SRC President*

The SRC Presidential Position is very criitical. And unlike how it has been done previously (that is.. Students apply for the position of President and Vice President individually or separately, but during this year’s election, the Aspiring Presidential Candidate chooses a Running-Mate. So, when he/she becomes the president, the running-mate takes the position of the vice-president). The SRC President position is reserved for Students who are Methodist, because the College is a Methodist Missionary Institution.

These are what the Aspirants escorted by their running-mates told the students during their manifesto reading.

Mr. Magnus Awortwe and his Running-mate Ms. Patience ABA Koomsom, He said, “There will be provision of data sim to help students in their online lectures, he will provide of startimes satellite decoder to watch the local football matches and also making sure that the school canteen will be refurnished”.

Mr. Isaac Mensah and his Running-mate Ms. Anna Ackon Baisie said, “He will collaborate with management to fence the newly completed Women’s Dormitory. And also, make sure that washrooms have been provided at the top lecture halls”.

Finally Mr. Ebenezer Boadu and his Running-mate Ms. Esi Ahema Asmah said that, “He will collaborate with the course Reps to help solve any academic challenges, He will make sure that there is a srong wifi connections at the various Halls of Residence. Ensure that the environment at the canteen is healthy and adequate poly tanks will be on campus to solve the water crisis will be taken into consideration. He will make sure that fans will be provided in the various dormitories”

NB: Manifestos of some prefectorial positions were not read due to time.

These Positions are; 

General Compound Overseer(G.C.O), Dispensary Prefects, Utility Prefects, Academic Prefect and Sports Prefects.


The Chairman Mr. Theophilus Mensah (SRC President) gave his closing remarks and also entreated that the students should vote wisely and they should not be pulled off by the crowd.

Ms. Sandra Egyir gave the vote of Thanks, and Ms. Theodora Koomson gave the closing prayer, Both of them are the Acting Female Chaplain Prefects.

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