The workshop came off on Friday 15th December, 2017 from 12pm – 2pm at the College’s Complex Hall. In his acceptance remarks Mr. Entsiwa Mensah the Chairman for (the immediate past Librarian of UCC.) the occasion thanked the College and project Team members for giving him the opportunity to chair such on big occasion. He said as educationist and the nature of Komenda College, he was happy to hear that the College with support of T-TEL is embarking such initiative programme. He thanked T-TEL the leadership of the College Project Team members and the College for the project. In her Welcome address the Principal of the College Mrs. Comfort Sarpong Akosa thanked T-TEL for the project and all those who have taken time off their busy schedule to be part of the programme. The project is to improve the pedagogical skills of tutors in the use of technology for effective teaching and learning. The overview of the Project was delivered by Mr. Raphael A. Sifah – the Project Lead. He reviewed the whole project stating the rationale and what the project expected to achieve. He also highlighted the achievements of the project and the way forward. The session also saw Miss Aba Mensah of the education department, Mr. Daniel Nkum and Justice Enu all of Mathematics department demonstrating to the gathering the steps or processes involved in uploading courses, lectures, quizzes on system for their students to access. It came out clearly that in the absence of a tutor for a genuine reason, the tutor can still engage his or her student whiles he or she is away. A demonstration was also done on how student can write online quizzes and appraise individual tutors online. Some students were also given the chance to share their experience on accessing of results and using the writing quizzes online. In his closing remarks Mr. Entsiwa Mensah the Chairman for the occasion was happy how far Komenda College has gone in terms of using technology in the teaching and learning process. He advised management to ensure that this beautiful project is sustained. He finally, thanked T-tel for the support given for the project to come to a reality, Management, Project Team and all and sundry for their support for the project. The project team would like to thank T-TEL, management and all stakeholders for their immense support in bringing this project to reality. The project is going to give Komenda College another level in that most of their daily activities of teaching and learning and other management activities will now go the paperless way and it is our hope that other colleges will be encourage to go the way Komenda has gone.

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